New eBook… THIS IS CAMBODIA MONOCHROME – Cambodia 07-13 Selected photographs (over 500) from the period 2007-2013 by photographer Eric d Vries. 
Most of the pictures were shot during his photo tours and… Continue reading

Exhibition time

Collection of photographs selected for upcoming exhibitions 2013 titled FRAGILE AND SOME PAIN     101EDV title: woman from the series minimal copyright eric de vries 2012 103EDV title: emptiness from the series… Continue reading

The Building I Have Loved – the book

…is published today as a paperback. The eBook version will be available from tomorrow… Here’s the link…

still life in concrete

excerpts from the unfinished new series still life in concrete (working title) copyright Ⓒ eric de vries 2012       UPDATE 28 JUNE The series finally come to an end. The definite… Continue reading

Minimal – Part Two

untitled from minimal Pt.2 copyright Ⓒ eric de vries 2012 methods for unpleasant behaviour from minimal Pt.2 copyright Ⓒ eric de vries 2012 seen and not seen from minimal Pt.2 copyright Ⓒ eric… Continue reading

Minimal – ebook cover


excerpts from the promo PDF  s e l e c t e d for a gallery in tokyo selected 10-12 copyright Ⓒ eric de vries 2012  


最小の MINIMAL by eric devries 22 photographs copyright Ⓒ eric de vries 2012 A small selection… You can purchase the pdf eBook here…

Photoshoot for Perception of Spirit

A selection for the Perception of Spirit book…

Perception of Spirit

PERCEPTION OF SPIRIT [Wat Bo photographed] New book by Dutch photographer Eric de Vries is all about Wat Bo, one of the oldest pagodas in Siem Reap, Cambodia. It has a number of… Continue reading